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Fanfic Question for my Hameron Friends

For all the people on my flist who are Hameron fans...I'm batting around ideas for a fanfic, and I wanted your help. Please answer the following poll, and if you also want to, you can leave me a comment explaining further. :) Thanks for answering!

Poll #1842226 The Very Important Hameron Poll

The man and baby in the finale were....

Cameron's husband and son
Cameron's boyfriend and son
Cameron's boyfriend and HIS son
Cameron's brother and nephew
Random strangers she'd never seen before ;)


Nov. 18th, 2012 03:55 pm (UTC)
Well I'm very late to answer your poll ..... lol
I would imagine that the Cameron's baby and his younger brother.
Now I vote for the baby's father: House.
Note the speech Cameron says That somewhere inside him, he Knew how to love.
My imagination very fertile says: was Cameron who helped to House by change the dental radiographs and gave shelter during the days leading up to the trip between Wilson / House.
Conclusion: the baby is the son of House & Cameron <3 (sorry my poor "google" english ;)