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Telly Tales

I won the first challenge of the Gilmore Girls Last Author Standing! You can read it here for now, if you like. If she ends up deleting the posts, I'll move it to my journal. It's Rory/Jess and Rory/Logan-centric, leaning more towards the former. I am a Literati fan, after all. :)

I have no idea how I'm doing in the Whoverse Last Author Standing. I got one positive vote on my first fic and neither positive nor negative on my second. This lack of feedback is beginning to be a habit with me and Whofics. It's like there's some clique and I'm not part of it. Whenever I post fics, I hardly ever get any comments, whilst other authors get droves of them. And the same things happening with the LAS. Sorry I wasn't a fan since the very beginning. It's not like it's wildly popular over here. It's hard to be an American DW fan. You can't just walk into any store and ask if they have DW merchandise. You'll get blank stares. And the only channel that plays it over here cuts the episodes!

Speaking of Doctor Who, Moffat has announced that there will be no Daleks in series six. Funny, since I remember him saying that about series five. Let's see if he keeps his word this time. Moffat is also going to split the series into TWO PARTS! The first seven episodes will play in the spring and then the last six will play in the fall. Because of some "game-changing" event, he wants the audience on the edge of their seats the entire summer. STUPID MOFFAT!

Let's revisit LOST season three, shall we? ABC decided it would be totally awesome to split the season into two sections, 9 episodes in the fall, the remaining 13 in the spring. Thanks to this lengthy hiatus, the viewership dropped from about 18-20 million viewers per episode to 12-14 million. Then the writers' strike came in season four, and the viewership dropped even more.

In conclusion, people have short attention spans. You take too long of a break during the season of a highly mythological and story-driven show, you will lose lots of viewers. Moffat is going to single-handedly destroy the show. Well done, Sir. *snarks*

And speaking of LOST, IT DIDN'T WIN A SINGLE EMMY! I admit that I hated the last fifteen minutes of the show, but come on! It was it's last season. Couldn't they have shown it the respect it long deserved? When The Sopranos went off the air the academy gave them a bunch of emmys. Why not LOST? Fricken hell. And Foxy once again does not get the accolades he deserves. Because apparently, playing an illegal drug dealer is more noteworthy than playing a self-sacrificing, humble Doctor. Give me a break. :(

Lack of Updates is Lacking

I haven't been updating regularly, I know, but I've become involved in the dwrewatch. We're watching two episodes a week and then discussing them. It's loads of fun. We've just started series two, and I'm off to watch "New Earth" as soon as I'm done.

I'm also involved in two of those Last Author Standing communities, namely Gilmore Girls and Doctor Who. It's too late to enter the competition, but voting is open to anyone, so if you get the urge, vote on the next challenge. Gilmore Girls entries should be posted sometime tomorrow.

In conclusion, I snagged this meme about a week ago from lyly_hameron.

Comment saying "One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor" and I will tell you:

♥. Something random about you.
♥. Which color you remind me of.
♥. My first memory of you.
♥. Which random character I associate with you.
♥. My favorite thing about you.
♥. What fandom I associate with you.
♥. To post this on your journal.

Crash and Burn: A Look at the Lost Finale

I know I’m late in writing a LOST reaction post, but I have good reasons. If you think the LOST finale was the best thing since sliced bread, I suggest you don't read this lengthy diatribe. If you're a more impartial soul (or are just brave enough) Click aheadCollapse )

*Cough Cough* I'm Dying

If you've wondered why I haven't updated recently, I've been sick. My whole head is swollen like a balloon and my nose keeps running and my voice is virtually nonexistent at this point. All I've felt like doing lately is vegging in front of the telly. So that's what I've been doing: watching mindless television. The good thing is, my dad recently got Netflix, so I was able to rent Doctor Who episodes from the Hartnell era. Can I just say how much I looooooove Barbara/Ian? They're so cute. And they both kick so much ass. They make the laughable sets and "special" effects (and Susan's ceaseless screaming) bearable.

In other news, I just went to see Alice and Wonderland. (Don't worry, I didn't breathe on anybody). It was a cool distraction. They were certainly pushing Alice/Mad Hatter, and I'm told that the original script had even more shippy moments. So there you go.

Seven Interests Meme

The picks for this meme was given to me by teskafuture.

Comment on this post. I will choose seven interests from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so that others can play along.

1. david tennant's scottish brogue Yummy!Collapse )

2. all things must pass All things must pass awayCollapse )

3. 10.5/rose Rose Tyler, I love you!Collapse )

4. get smart Missed it by THAT muchCollapse )

5. frodo baggins I will take the Ring to MordorCollapse )

6. the bible the B I B L ECollapse )

7. narusaku Believe It!Collapse )

The TV gods must hate me . . .

Dear writers/producers of:

1. Ugly Betty
2. House
3. Doctor Who
4. The entire NBC Network

Stop f*cking with your fans.


Oh, and if the writers/producers of LOST try to pull a fast one, there will be blood.
From Hitfix.com:

Some of the upcoming potential programs are already pretty far along, particularly "Rex Is Not Your Lawyer," featuring recently departed Dr. Who David Tennant. That quirky legal hour has finished shooting its pilot and NBC execs will be watching it this week. While Bromstad stopped well short of indicating that a series pick-up was inevitable, she indicated that if "Rex Is Not Your Lawyer" is ordered, it could be ready to premiere on NBC as early as late spring or possibly early fall.

Please, please, PLEASE pick this up, NBC. You are already officially pathetic and stupid, but you will be forever placed on my banned list if you don't greenlight this project.
*cross fingers and toes*

DW Fanfic: Magi and Mistletoe 2/2

Title: Magi and Mistletoe
Rating: PG-13 (K+) for some dialogue and situations
Description: Set between "A Christmas Invasion" and "New Earth." As Rose adjusts to her growing attraction for Ten, the Doctor decides to show Rose Christmases of Past and Future.
Author's Note: Here's the second part of my story written for the amazing and talented surrexi. Yeah, so at least I got it posted before Epiphany! :p

Mistletoe this Way!Collapse )
Title: Magi and Mistletoe
Author: cassandra_elise
Rating: PG-13 (K+) for some dialogue and situations
Description: Set between "A Christmas Invasion" and "New Earth." As Rose adjusts to her growing attraction for Ten, the Doctor decides to show Rose Christmases of Past and Future.
Author's Note: This story is for the amazing and talented surrexi. I'm sorry this Christmas fic is a little late. Life and The End of Time got in the way. *sniffles*

Onto the Fluff!Collapse )

Happy New Year!

Well, it's about 12:45 am where I am, and I thought I would wish you all a Happy New Year! May 2010 be a good year for you.

BTW, for any of my American Doctor Who friends, BBCAmerica is playing all of David Tennant's episodes in preparation for the second part of TEOT. Currently, it's Christmas Invasion. (Of course all of Rose's episodes would be playing in the middle of the night. BBCAmerica hates her).