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Cassandra Elise
5 September 1986
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I am a book junkie, TV-aholic, movie fanatic, rabid shipper, fanvid-maker, and anglophile. I spend far too much time on my computer, reading and writing about my favourite shows and ships.

I am assertive and snarky with a surprisingly sweet centre. Right now I'm going back to university to get a teaching certificate. My long-term dream is to live near London, England and to get my writing published. I am currently working on several books, including a Christian series for teenagers and a quasi-memoir. You can view my complete (and imcomplete) fanfiction at www.fanfiction.net (look under Cassandra_Elise). Some of those babies are NEVER going to be updated. Mwahahaha!

Thanks to all who voted me to Victory on the Gilmore Girls LAS!

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My current ships that I am rabid about are:

Doctor/Rose: Seriously, who else can you ship with the Doctor? Even the actors and writers (minus Satan, I mean, Steve Moffat) all agree that Rose is THE girl. Love any incarnation. 9/Rose, 10/Rose, 10.5/Rose, 10.75/Rose . . .
Damon/Elena: Their chemistry is so palpable. And, as Rose said, they challenge one another and bring out the best in each other.
Daniel/Betty: They are so squishy. And Daniel moved to a new country just to be with her, and they had a date!!!
House/Cameron: Their chemistry makes me go gaga. Seriously. It's made of win, canon be damned!
Luke/Lorelai: They, for me, are the quintessential TV couple. I constantly refer back to them.
Harry/Hermione: I thought my love for this pairing had faded to a fond glow, but the recent splurge of news on the movies has rekindled my love for this ship. Proudly dodging anvils since 2005.
Balthier/Ashe: It's one of those doomed love affairs that I can't help but love despite the overwhelming odds against it.

I've got plenty of other ships, but I'm not so obsessed with them that I feel the urge to join LJ communities . . . yet.

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